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Accordingly, "funnel weaver" is the most widely accepted common name for members of the family, but they should not be confused with the so-called "funnel-web tarantulas" or "funnel-web spiders" belonging to mygalomorph families.

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Funnel-web spiders build funnels out of their webs. Some of these spiders are among the most venomous in the world.

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A revision of the American funnel-web mygalomorph spider genus Euagrus (Araneae, Dipluridae) (Bulletin of the American Museum of Natural History) 1988. by Frederick A ...

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The funnel web spider, also known as atrax robustus is probably the most dangerous spiders in the world. This page offers information about the behavior and habits of this extremely venomous and in reality defensive but anyway exciting spider!

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Unlike some related trapdoor spiders, funnel-webs do not build lids to their burrows. The primary range of the Australian funnel-web spiders is the eastern coast of Australia, with specimens found in New South Wales, South Australia, Victoria, and Queensland.

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None of the funnel web spiders inhabiting the United States should be considered dangerous. The bite of one species, the hobo spider (Tegenaria agrestis) ...

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Male funnel-web spiders are more poisonous than females. The class of insects to which the funnel-web spider belongs, contains the largest number of venomous species known. This article is for information only.

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The funnel weaver spiders in the family Agelenidae, which are found in the United States, are often confused with funnelweb spiders that are found in Australia. The important differences between the two are: The United States funnel weaver spiders are not considered medically important to people.

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Agelenopsis is a genus of spiders, known as American grass spiders. They weave sheet webs that have a funnel shelter on one edge. The web is not sticky, but these spiders make up for that shortcoming by running very rapidly.

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(American) Funnel-web spider Agelenopsis spp.

We found this large funnel web while hiking on the Lake Trail in Big Ridge State Park. The spider's funnel opening was about the size of a silver dollar!

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Funnel Weaver Spiders (Funnel-web weavers, Grass spiders) Class: Arachnida ... spider that fairly recently became established in North America, the hobo spider (Tegenaria

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There are over 400 North American species of funnel weaver spiders in the genus Agelenopsis, commonly called grass spiders after ... not a funnel-web spider like ...

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The spider you linked to is Agelenopsis, which is a genera of funnel web spider in North America under the Agelenidae family. ... Funnel web spiders, ...

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UC home and landscape guidelines for control of Hobo Spider ... people have read about the Sydney funnel web spider from ... American funnel weaving spiders have ...

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None of the funnel web spiders inhabiting the United States should be considered dangerous. The bite of one species, the hobo spider (Tegenaria agrestis) ...

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America are the widow spiders (usually known as black widows) (Fig. 1), the brown spiders ... Hololena s p., a funnel-web spider common in eastern Washington.

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I was out behind my house BBQ-ing, and came across this massive funnel web. As I examined the web, a small moth became trapped, and in a flash the Funnel Web...

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Information on Funnelweb Spider ... with more than 400 species in North America. The body of a funnelweb spider is ... the wolf spiders. The funnel-shaped web is ...

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Funnel web or grass spiders Agelenidae Grass spiders build sturdy, non-sticky sheet webs with a few "knock down" threads on top ... American house spider