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GLOSSARY OF OILFIELD TERMS Drilling Operations ... Air drilling A drilling technique whereby gases ... The API is sponsored by the oil and gas industry and is

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An oil well is a boring in the Earth that is designed to bring petroleum oil hydrocarbons to the surface. ... large photo article on oil drilling in the 1920s and 1930s

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Learn more about the process, history, and risks of modern oil and gas drilling.

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Quick Answer. In oil drilling, the spud date is when a machine capable of reaching total depth begins drilling a new well. This process is also known as spudding in.

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Deepwater Drilling Definition - Deepwater Drilling is the process of drilling oil wells in offshore locations, i.e., in seas or oceans up to a depth...

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Horizontal Drilling Definition - Horizontal drilling can be referred to as the directional drilling of an oil well in a horizontal direction rather...

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Offshore Definition: ... Crude oil deposits in the ocean that permit underwater drilling and extraction are developed and exploited using oil rigs. The drilling ...

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Definition of drilling: ... The other amendments range from banning oil drilling in Florida waters to requiring Miami-Dade County to elect its sheriff and Broward ...

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Oil drilling Petroleum occurs naturally in the earth in porous rock, found anywhere from thousands of meters underground all the way to the earth's surface. The porous layer of rock normally lies between two nonporous layers, so oil does not flow out of its reservoir .In most cases water and/or natural gas occur along with petroleum in the rock.

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In practice conventional oil and gas, or the term of conventional resources, applies to oil and gas which can be extracted, after the drilling operations, just by the natural pressure of the wells and pumping or compression operations.

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Drilling Operations "Drilling operations" means the drilling of an oil and gas well and the production and completion operations ensuing from the drilling which require entry upon the surface estate and which were commenced after June 30, 1979, and oil and gas geophysical and seismograph exploration activities commenced after June 30, 1983.

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Drilling mud, also called drilling fluid, aids in the process of drilling a borehole into the earth for oil and gas extraction and core sampling.

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What does Shut In (oil drilling) mean? In the energy industry, this is when well production is significantly reduced or suspended altogether. The oil or gas well still has capacity, but it is not being produced/extracted.

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Developments in drilling methods and technology are leading to efficiency gains for oil and natural gas producers. For example, "pad" drilling techniques allow rig operators to drill groups of wells more efficiently, because improved rig mobility reduces the time it takes to move from one well location to the next, while reducing the overall ...

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Oil drilling a complex process that involves the drilling and pumping of oil from underground wells. Learn about oil drilling and the oil drilling process.

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Oil definition is - any of numerous ... Other Mining and Drilling Terms. ore, trepan, wildcat. 2 oil. verb. Definition of oil. transitive verb: to smear, rub over ...

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Definition of offshore drilling in the dictionary. Meaning of offshore drilling. What does offshore drilling mean? Information and translations of offshore drilling in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.

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Offshore oil drilling is an oil extraction technique that can be used to access deposits under the ocean floor. ... is your definition of the hard truth.

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Day rate is the amount a drilling contractor gets paid by the oil company for a day of operating a drilling rig.

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An oil drilling platform off the coast of Santa Barbara, CA - 6 December 2011. Offshore drilling is a mechanical process where a wellbore is drilled below the seabed.

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Definition of oil drilling in the dictionary. Meaning of oil drilling. What does oil drilling mean? Information and translations of oil drilling in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.

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oil well n. A hole drilled or dug in the earth from which petroleum flows or is pumped. Also called oiler. oil well n (Mining & Quarrying) a boring into the earth or sea bed ...

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Define drilling. drilling synonyms, drilling pronunciation, drilling translation, English dictionary definition of drilling. n. 1. a. ... Oil drilling. drill 1